HR Services

Payroll and Outsourcing

A4 Personal SA facilitates the administrative management of employees and helps you: Manage payroll, manage social security contributions, manage employees’ temporary resident permits, with input and output.

Business Consultancy

Each company can be increasingly competitive by understanding the changes in the market in which it operates and acquiring the ability to evolve. Your success therefore depends on the people who hold the roles within the functions / divisions of reference, namely the implementation of those processes and strategies that determine the achievement of the desired business objectives.


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A4 Personal SA is known for:

– Creating and maintaining over time a relationship based on trust with the companies it collaborates with;
– Managing its business in full compliance with the law and therefore protecting the companies and professionals it collaborates with;
– Guaranteeing its professionals have the skills to fulfil the role they play in the company;
– Ensuring its employees develop their motivation, skills and results through professional qualifications and their involvement in meeting the goals you want;
– Setting a benchmark for Swiss companies that really want to succeed!

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