Permanent employment

A4 Personal SA researches, assesses and selects specialised and qualified staff with experience for the roles in question. Specifically we:

– Analyse the context of the organisation;
– Define the job description (role) and the job profile (candidate requirements);
– Plan and carry out the search for candidates through a multitude of recruitment means and channels;
– Assess candidates’ motivation, skills and capacity to integrate into the workplace through carefully selected means and methods;
– Train the shortlist of candidates that meet the requirements of the role;
– Provide support during the selection process and the candidate’s insertion in the company;
– Check and assess the success of the candidate’s integration into the company.

Phone us today and we’ll put you in contact with a Professional Consultant specialising exclusively in your sector.

Temporary employment

Construction, Industry, Technical sector, IT, Commercial, Gastronomy, Medical…
We have years of experience in the various economic sectors. Contact us to consult our database for temporary staff.

Try and Hire

Following an in-depth recruitment process and a three-month trial period, A4 Personal SA gives you the opportunity to take on employees at no added cost.

A4 Personal SA is known for:

– Creating and maintaining over time a relationship based on trust with the companies it collaborates with;
– Managing its business in full compliance with the law and therefore protecting the companies and professionals it collaborates with;
– Guaranteeing its professionals have the skills to fulfil the role they play in the company;
– Ensuring its employees develop their motivation, skills and results through professional qualifications and their involvement in meeting the goals you want;
– Setting a benchmark for Swiss companies that really want to succeed!

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