For candidates

Your new job perfect for you!

We hear about the vacancies you’re interested in before they’re published in the newspaper or posted online. We have a preferential relationship with the owners and hierarchical-functional managers of the companies you’re interested in. Find your new job with us!We’ll be by your side from the start of your search until you’re placed to ensure you succeed in getting your new job. Make the most of our professional know-how! We know what companies in each sector are looking for so we can help place you in a job in which you’ll be fully satisfied and where you can use your knowledge and skills. So you can expand and improve your career prospects. The assistance you’ll receive consists of assessing and selecting together where you will go to work, sharing your progress during the employment period and determining the results obtained and establishing your new professional objectives after the placement.

Temporary work

Don’t want to limit yourself to one job and one company? Temporary work gives you the flexibility you want!


Want to find the ‘right’ job where you can stand out and be successful? Our HR Manager will give you the best advice to make sure you’re entirely satisfied with the choice of your new job!

Try and Hire

Want to put yourself to the test before being taken on indefinitely? With us you can! We would be delighted to include you in our pool of professionals who have been working with us across Switzerland for years.

A4 Personal SA is known for:

– Creating and maintaining over time a relationship based on trust with the companies it collaborates with;
– Managing its business in full compliance with the law and therefore protecting the companies and professionals it collaborates with;
– Guaranteeing its professionals have the skills to fulfil the role they play in the company;
– Ensuring its employees develop their motivation, skills and results through professional qualifications and their involvement in meeting the goals you want;
– Setting a benchmark for Swiss companies that really want to succeed!

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